SOUL- The Symphony of Nature

SOUL plays over 250 mixed sounds with breathing light. Enjoy the sound of wilderness anywhere without connecting to wireless waves

Holoswim:Your Smart AR Swimming Goggles

The Next-Gen optical waveguide AR smart swimming goggles

Elevoc Clear: Unrivaled Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Remove background noise | Vocplus AI Noise Cancellation | 6 mics+2 voice accelerometers | Hybrid ANC

Arclight Bike Pedals: Stand Out, Ride Safe

Bio-Motion Enhanced Safety | 57% More Visible | Auto On/Off | Modular LEDs | Rugged & Waterproof

Magnapot - Playful Multifunction Organizer Decor

Configurable Magnetic Ceramics

Unravel Tech Cush: Ergonomic & Transformable Tech Pillow

A revolutionary 6-in-1 neck pillow that can be transformed according to your needs! Guaranteed to deliver max comfort in any situation.

TopJoy Butterfly:Pocket-Sized True Color DES Screen E-Reader

Next-Gen E-Reader with DES Color & Android 11 System for the Ultimate Paper-Like Experience

Icon Wireless Portable Hydrojet Cleaner

All-Purpose Cleaning Solutions | An Adjustable Nozzle and Two Self-Spin Cleaning Brushes | Battery-Powered Design for Washing Anywhere

copa - A Bottle and A Cup Had A Baby

A full size stainless steel bottle with a cup built in on top.

WAATR: World's First 4D Purification System

Experience A New Dimension to your Health and Wellness

LastPad - The Reusable Menstruation Pad

Making periods a little less shitty

GIGA: The Most Powerful Fast charging GaN Charger

The Must HAVE Charger for ALL Your Powerful Devices | Super Fast Charge 4 Devices Simultaneously.