Pulsetto - reduce stress, anxiety & improve sleep!

Enjoy Instant stress relief & better sleep with the World’s Best Portable Vagus Stimulator

bolstr® AUX Minimalist Sling - Shift Your Carry.

Based on our award-winning AUX Pocket design, made for sling carry. There is no EDC bag this simple and adaptable. 3 Bags in 1.

Automatic Swiss Made Moonphase Watch

Mu:n gathered 5,500 enthusiasts and industry experts to create a unique moonphase watch.

SHARGEEK: The First 67W Charger With Power Display

Max 67W Output| 3 USB-C Ports | Ultra-Tiny | Retro Macintosh Look| All-GaN Technology

The Next Generation Performance Flannel

Introducing The Next Generation Flannel. Dynamic stretch, wrinkle free, moisture wicking & odor repelling. Guaranteed Perfect Fit.


Sneaker comfort | New patented comfort technology | FREE worldwide shipping | Only European materials | 1 pair sold = 1 tree planted

The Revel cheese knife - Le couteau à fromages Revel

One Knife to cut them all, One Knife to slice them, One Knife to saw them all, and on the board to taste them.

BOLD - The World's Most Versatile GRAPHENE Heated Jacket

5 GRAPHENE Heat Pads, 6 Styles - 1 Jacket, 4 Season, Detachable Liner,

QicoBay C1: World’s 1st Auto-Restringing On-the-Go Flosser

For saving your time, health, and our earth.

Majestik - A solar watch to build a better future

We want to work on a new product with the environment preservation as one of its core focuses.

Zeus: Worlds First & Smallest 270W GaN USB-C Charger

Tiny charger for powerful devices: OLED Screen | 3 USB-C Ports | 140W USB-C | 270W Total Output | Charge 4 USB devices at the same time

MYHIXEL- Stimulation Device & App with AI for Orgasm Control

MYHIXEL CONTROL - The most advanced tech solution for PE & climax control: the combination of a stimulation device + a training app.