Jamstack 2 -Play Guitar Anywhere with Any Sound

The World’s Only Attachable, Smart Guitar Amp Just Got Better.

RUN-UP : A New Sound Experience by Audio Headband

Better&New Open-ear Audio / Direct&Deep Bass Sound / Phone Calls / A.I. Assistant / Comfortable Fit

MadClockMaker | 3D Wooden Puzzle. 4 Clock Models.

A collection of functional wooden clocks for self-assembly. Just build with your own hands and feel like a clockmaker

BLANC MASK: Face The Outdoors With Your Modern Day Armor

A full-face modular mask that protects you and resonates with your style, mood and individuality.

TurboHub: World’s Fastest All-in-One SSD & Multiport Adapter

Upgrade your device with 4TB SSD storage + Thunderbolt 3 + USB 3.1 Gen2 + USB Gen 3.1+ 4K60Hz HDR HDMI + SD UHS-II + 1000Mbps Ethernet

Somnofy: Non-Contact Smart Sleep Monitor

Find better sleep with Somnofy through its superior accuracy, daily sleep score & smart analytics.

Blackview BL6000 Pro: The Toughest 5G Rugged Phone

MediaTek Dimensity 800 | 8GB RAM 256GB ROM | 48MP Triple Rear Camera | 5280mAh Battery

Skiskates 2 - World's Shortest Skis

New booming winter sport, a combination of skis and skates. First skis that fit into your backpack.

T1: World's 1st RGB IPX6 Waterproof Power Tower

20W PD| RGB Lighting| Home Office Must-have| IPX6 Waterproof| Ultra-Safe Power| Indoor and Outdoor

HITSTER: The digitally integrated music card game!

Listen to over 100 years of hits and take turns guessing when the songs were released, artist names and song titles.

VH-80SE: The World's First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer

Easily measure distances without moving a step! | Incomparable work efficiency

Cellings: EMS Leggings For Muscle Toning & Soreness Recovery

Strategically placed Electrical Muscle Stimulation pads boost the intensity of lower body strength training & help relax muscle fibers.