Dream Glass 4K-World's 1st Portable&Private AR HMD

Plug & Play Augmented Reality Glass for Phones, PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, Laptops, Drones and more

Switchblade Hub

A hand-held hub for Nintendo Switch with bluetooth 5.0/kick-stand/HDMI output

CareAlert: Always Know That Your Parents Are Safe

Smart nightlight that detects potential problems. Communicate directly without relying on a phone.

DAM Coolers - Ice Cold for over a Week!

Vacuum Insulated Technology that keeps your food & beverages ice-cold for up to 6 days!

Easy Company Outfitters | America's Hawaiian Shirt

WWII inspired Hawaiian shirts. 100% Made in America. Helping give Veterans a piece of the easy life.

Splash: A Multi-func LED Tee

Multi-functional, washable LED T-shirt driven by cost effective innovation

The Ultimate Travel Jacket: Balanced Weight and Performance

The ultimate travel jacket that is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and sustainable for everyday use.


Your go-to fitness product combining the ab roller, push-up grips, and resistance bands for the ultimate home or on the go workout.

Montanc: Clean Places Your Big Vacuums Can't

Car Seat Crevices ✔️ Pet Hair ✔️ Dust on Blinds ✔️ Between the Couch ✔️ l 15,000Pa handheld vacuum

Deeper Connect Mini: Decentralized Cybersecurity

Improves Internet experience, Protects online privacy, Outbeats any traditional VPN.

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-SHIRT with 25 Benefits

Now you can wear the same shirt for multiple days, a week, or even a month without washing it.

Gino: The Personal Air Sanitiser

A revolutionary lightless filter technology that can remove microbes from the air.