Y3000: Swappable Batteries for Endless Power

Swappable Batteries|3000W Output|2355Wh Capacity|6000+ Cycles LFP|Powered by CATL|1.3H Recharge

JIUYEE RIC: The Next Generation of Hearing Aids

JIUYEE RIC hearing aids will bring you crystal clear and precise natural hearing!


support our 501(c)3 cat rescue while funding the creation of these various pins ranging from reptiles, birds, mammals!

LIMITLESS Backpack & Carry line by Graphene-X

Experience the most functional backpack and sidekick carry-ons ever built. Empower your everyday life and unleash your weekends.

Indigenius 1.0- Keyboard That Speaks Your Language

World’s First Multilingual, Voice-Activated Smart Keyboard. 180 Languages | Translation | Diacritics

The Redesigned Robe 2

Dry off like never before.

Seadon | Gale ACT Puffer - The 4-Season Insulated Jacket

Experience TWO unique fabrics in one jacket and feel the difference in performance. Powered by revolutionary insulation by 3M.

Masverano Wallet

Mini Wallet for Max Expectations | Ultra light | Carbon fiber | No metal part | Inner pocket |

FLEXTAIL EVO ICER: Battery-Powered Ice Maker for Outdoors

200Wh Battery|Easy to Carry |12 Ice Cubes/ 5 Mins | IceBurstX Rapid Refrigeration Technique | Type-C Charging| Designed for Outdoor Use

Midikidi: A new way to learn and play music

Illuminated keyboard|LED fingering guidance|Gamified lessons|Sheet music supported|Compose and share

Bird Buddy: The Summer of Birds

A Smart Hummingbird Feeder & Smart Bird Bath that identify and capture stunning, up-close photos and videos of your backyard visitors.

AZIO Tera 75 | Wireless Keyboard with Various Materials

75% Layout | Interchangeable Materials | Hot-Swappable | Backlit RGB | Wired & Wireless | For Mac & PC