Eco Gloves - Reduce Waste. Stay Healthy, Clean & Mess-free

Eco Gloves - Keep your hands clean anytime, anywhere. The world's first eco-friendly glove you can take on the go for the messy things in life.

Meet Petkix 2.0: An Advanced Smart Pet Camera

A world full of happy pets: Petkix is a smart pet camera featuring a hemp-oil treat maker

Bye bye belt, hello Bucqle!

World's most innovative accessory to tighten your pants and skirts to the perfect fit around the waist.

Protective Face Masks with Multiple Features

Reusable, recyclable, natural, triple-layer, cotton face masks by Covert Cotton

TheiShare - World's Cheapest SmartLock with Alarm

Anti-Theft Alarm | Sharing | GPS tagging | Real-time riding data analysis | Bike crash alarm | Geofencing

SmartStick OBD2 - Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring

Connecting your phone to your cars computer providing remote vehicle diagnostics and monitoring

Simplelink: Two-way Magnetic 4K HDMI/Power/Data Cable

Two-way Magnetic Charging | 4K HDMI@60FPS Output | 10GB/s SSD-level Data Transfer | 60W Quick-charging

MARKSMITH Titanium Bolt Action Marker w/ Sharpie® Cartridge

Carry the world's first titanium retractable permanent marker every day to make a bold statement on surfaces that a pen can't write on.

Blueberry: Smart Glasses that Help You Relax and Perform

Our smart glasses combine brain sensing and electronic tinting to help you understand mental effort to guide you to relax and perform.

CLEANKY. Automatic Filter Mask

Filter out, pollution, dust, bacteria and viruses with the ultimate Automatic Filter Mask

Vove - Home and personal products for a better future

Sustainable products like you've never seen them before

undabottle: your daily 3-in-1 bottle, cup and storage

This multi-functional bottle converts into a large cup to eliminate the need for over 320 single-use bottles and cups per year