BEEKEEPR: A carrier for wipes... dirty ones, too!

On-The-Go wipes dispenser with a storage compartment for used wipes.

UC01: Universal Charger that works in over 190 countries

Enjoy seamless charging at home, work or abroad with universal charger

VBoard: Turn Your Dull Display Into A Touchscreen

An Interactive Whiteboard System that calibrates on your displays to allow tablet-like annotating

UFACTORY Lite 6 — The Most Affordable Collaborative Robot

An industrial grade collaborative robot costs $1,499, everyone can afford it to automate anything!

LionCooler Pro: Battery & Solar Powered Portable Freezer

Keep food and drinks cool or frozen with ice-free technology

Speediance: Personal All-In-One Home Gym & Workout Coach

Achieve full-body strength-training with an AI-powered personal gym that takes up only 3.2 ft² of space in your home!

Leverpresso Pro : Portable Lever Espresso Maker

Leverpresso Pro is the high-end portable lever espresso maker that allows you to make café-quality coffee anywhere.

The Shower Scrubber by Casamera

A versatile bath tool to get you clean. Double-sided, charcoal-infused, 100% plant-based and an absolute lathering machine.

PANGEA Eco Jacket: Designed for your Outdoor Adventures

A compact, waterproof jacket with 21 features, and a lifetime warranty. Sustainably made from recycled bottles to stop ocean pollution

UNLEASHED '22: Timelapse, Long Exposure, Remote & Geotagging

The tiny Unleashed Bluetooth module on your camera's side + our user-friendly app help you take epic photos and timelapses effortlessly

Lauco: The Smallest & Powerful 115W GaN Charger & 4-in-1 Hub

A stealth hub hidden inside a portable GaN-charger. Supports 115W PD GaN Charger(2C1A), USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps Data and 4K@60Hz Display.

KORU: Purify Your Air & Grow Healthy Plants

Innovative air purifier combining nature, design & tech to automate air filtration and plant care.