MetMo Pen: A dual threaded pen for the curious mind

Precision machined to be the smoothest and most satisfying pen you'll ever own!

JET - A pen like no other

The world's first telescopic bolt action pen. Compact, addictive and made to last.

TOSY Flying Duo - 360 LEDs Flying Disc & Patented Boomerang

360 LEDs | Adjustable brightness | 6 timer modes | Exact Return | Rechargeable | Waterproof | Smart package

Computer Engineering for Babies Book

An interactive board book to learn the basics of computer engineering.

ZEROFLY Performance Running Shoe

ZEROFLY is the world's first eco-performance running shoe. Ultralight, wonderfully cushioned, climate-neutral, made with bio-based and recycled materials.

DreamGlass Lead: World's 1st 200” 4K All-in-One AR

Portable Private 3D AR Glass for Fitness (Peloton),Movie (YouTube, Netflix), Zoom, TikTok, Instagram

JOGO: Data-Driven Youth Soccer Development

We revolutionize youth soccer development by introducing accessible all-inclusive sensor technology.

Feiyu Pocket 2S: The Ultimate 3-Axis Gimbal Camera

Detachable Handle for Remote Control | Stable 4K60 Video | Motionlapse Video | Face &Object Tracking

Ultra Shirt | Technical All-Day-Shirt with 12+ Features

Thermal Regulation & Motion Adaptive All-Day-Shirt = Magnetic Cuff + Ultrasonic Sewing Tech + Laser Cut + Coffee Grounds and More

Mintie - Max cooling peppermint feel yoga pants for summer

-7°C FrostTech ; make your summer feel cooler than wearing nothing

Komodo Covers: Boat Covers with Monitoring & Climate Control

Protect your boat with Komodo's boat cover and Kommander. 4G - WIFI - BLE - CLIMATE CONTROL -MONITORING- INFLATABLE- EASY TO USE

3Dice Series 3: Take your Gaming Dice to the next level

Elevate your gaming experience with our Polyhedral Dice which will outshine your opponents.