3Dsimo Multipro - one tool to rule them all

The most versatile mobile workshop in the world

Mr Otter: Limited Edition Art Toys by Bluepiper Studio

Limited edition art toy series brought to you by Bluepiper studio

Custom Art License Plate - Made in the USA

Express Yourself! Create a Completely Custom License Plate Frame. Use One of Your Own Images or Select from our Art Catalog.

Zignify | Fully customizable & interchangeable handbags

Create your own bag that fit for your personal style for any occasion. Let your bag speak for you. Make your own statement

Treecise | All Natural Wood + Metal Watch for Any Occasion

Treecise is a timeless timepiece combining the strength of steel and the natural wonder of wood.

Kong Beer Bong // A Portable Can Cooler + Beer Bong

A can cooler with the utility of a beer bong, The Kong helps you bring the party

BRU: The Ultimate Tea Machine

BRÜ makes the perfect cup of tea at the push of a button. Use ANY tea. Set temperature, cup size & brew time. Saving you time & energy.

Manmower™ - revolutionary #razor design

Pocket EDC beard trimmer sensation designed for comfort, convenience and sustainability. Changing the world, one chin at a time.

APZC - Eco Innovative Hoodie Sweater

Simply the first men's sweater ever made with new generation fiber.

Rype: Learn a New Language By *Speaking* It

Why use your fingers, when you can *speak* with confidence without being judged?

PROPEL: Elevating the Espresso Experience

Taking espresso to new heights by providing a more consistent and aromatic experience in every sip!

TYDY: Everything is wireless...

Chargers, phones, tablets, pencils, papers everywhere? Why don’t you tidy them up?! Simply tidy it up!