DrawBo - A Robotic Drawing Tutor

A personalized Drawing Robot for your kids to engage them into playful learning

Impulse Neuro-Controller for PC Gaming

Impulse works with your current gaming mouse to help you react faster and win more. Play at the Speed of Thought.

Xsleeve: Esports Performance & Ergonomics

Specially designed & engineered gaming compression arm-sleeve with PTFE (friction reduction) on the underside

LIQ8POD : Your Smart Dispenser

A well designed, affordable, and smart container to dispense liquids.

KANEVAS | The ultimate custom bag

Kanevas is a brand that is revolutionizing the bag industry thanks to our ability to design custom products.

GEO™ Heating Pads: Experience Deep-Penetrating Relaxation

GEO™ naturally induces relaxation with far infrared heat that comes from supermaterial graphene.

Wooask S01 - World's Most Powerful AI Voice Recorder

134 languages speech to text transcribe and translation, 32G built-in storage. An intelligent device makes our work life easier.

ZeroT: 3-mode Hat for Hair Growth & Clean Scalp

Keep your hair healthy and your scalp oil-free with this wireless, comfortable LLLT cap!

Oralucent - The Advanced Phototherapy Toothbrush

Therapeutic Red and Blue Light Combine and Shine to Deliver a Whole New Level of Clean & Bright.

RAYLIER - A smart motorbike jacket to save your life

Enhance your visibility on the road. A jacket with eye-level brake lights - Blinkers - Warnings.

Shower Power: The Hydropower Shower Speaker

A hydropower Bluetooth shower speaker, made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. Fits any showerhead. 360° immersive and bold sound.

ssdBOX - Credit Card Size Wireless SSD Storage

Organize, share & edit on-the-go | 1-touch back up | Up to 2200MB/s read & write speed | 4TB storage