Pocket Rocket Knife Retro Heritage EDC Inspired

EDC urban knife for traveler and retro lovers.

K-25 Smart Bath Towels 3.0

Odor-free, soft and dry towel every time you need it. Sustainable materials, superb craftsmanship. 2x times better than ever before!

YAMEIDA | The world's smallest smart water flosser

Intelligent and compact water flosser that could completely replace dental floss and toothpick.Clean oral cavities anytime at any place

Ending Soon: The Ultralight Reflective and Revrsible Jacket

High-performance reversible & reflective jacket for day and night. Made of high-tech fabrics, simplistic design at excellent value.

MAD Gaze GLOW: Lightweight & Stylish MR Glasses for You

Large FOV 45°/53° binocular MR glasses - Simply plug and play - Ideal for gaming and watching movies. Extend your vision beyond phones.

Tooth. | Eco-Friendly Oral Care

A toothbrush designed with you and the planet in mind.

The First Self-Cleaning TRAVEL T-SHIRT with 25 Benefits

The first shirt you can comfortably wear back to back for a week, a month, a year, or even a lifetime without it getting smelly.


Power saving, max 700lumens, waterproof lighting device

TeslaAir: Filters pollen & allergens from your car

Filter-free purification: 50x more efficient in sterilizing microscopic bacteria, mold, and smoke...

PureMark-World’s First Visual Recognition Wireless Presenter

The Wireless Presenter for AI Era with laser-style direct pointing and rich interaction to boost efficiency and productivity


Help fighting plastic pollution from the sea with a beachwear brand offering garments made of regenerated cotton & up-cycled plastic.

Ending Soon! | The Highlander | A Damn Near Perfect Travel Backpack

The leather travel system designed for travellers, backpackers, adventurers and anyone else looking to get more out of their backpack.