Surplex - Future VR Full-Body Tracking Shoes

Full-Body Movements Tracking|No Base Station & Webcams Needed | Not Prone to Occlusion & Drifiting|480 Press Sensors|Wi-Fi Connection

Neovide, Waterless One-Stop Sous Vide Cooker

No more water tanks and vacuum bags, with Neovide, making sous vide food at home is effortless.

Breezm | Custom Fit Eyewear Designed for Ultimate Comfort

Engineered by Next-gen Technology to Match Your Exact Facial Profile

MATTE WORKS: The Urban Solar Watch Solution-01

A greener way of timekeeping, designed for your everyday life.

millo air: New Generation Motorless Magnetic Blender!

Cordless, allowing you to blend anywhere, powerful enough to crush ice, and so silent that it won’t even wake the baby.

Spider M1: Laser Engraver & Cutter with Infinite Work Area

Portable & compact, redefines laser engraving & cutting with infinite possibilities.

Everless SmartBag: Self-folding reusable bag

The Smart & Sustainable alternative to single-use bags | Size of a credit card | Holds up to 50 lbs | Made in recyclable memory fabric

WAHU - The Tech Shoes That Bring Comfort To A New Level

All-day comfort with WAHU shoes. Customize the soles to you. Integrated robotics & AI in shoes for cushioning adaptability.

Invisible Paper-thin Table For Travelers & Home Workers

Transform in 1 Second | Invisible when you store it | Ultra Thin | Super Light | Stable M Structure | Eco-friendly Material

Blackhead Remover - Blackhead Detection & UV Function

Pore Vacuum Cleaner / Fashion and Luxury / UV skin detection / Light and Portable / Multiple Silky spherical suction Probes / 3 Adjustments

Grandstand: The last stand you'll ever need.

Swappable media plates, standing desk and largest vertical range; Grandstand evolves your playing.

LØPER: The Multifunctional Trail Running Jacket

A wind-resistant, waterproof, ultra-breathable jacket that has you covered for trail running, active living, or casual wear.