KEARA: A High quality folding blade by DELTA 7.

Smooth action with a Slim Modern Profile.

All Rounder Pants

The Ultimate Performance Everyday Pants by Graphene-X

The New Normal Shower Curtain | Your Last Shower Curtain

Say bye bye to mold, mildew & shower leaks. A shower curtain re-invented to simply be your last.

Move Plus: Reduce Knee Pain In Just One Use

Dual Red Light Therapy | Portable | Whole Knee Coverage | Reduce Inflammation | Recover From Injury

INVZI MagFree Pro - Magnetic Floating iPad Stand

Designed for iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad 10. Premium Aluminum and Modern Design.

SUMJet Pro - The First True Cordless Dry Cleaner

Truly Cordless I SUM Purifying Tech | Dry Cleaning | Clothes Ironing | Chemical Free | Water Saving

Conga: An AI-Powered Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower

No Perimeter Cable | Multi-zone AI Mapping | 0.1s Obstacle Avoidance | 25-85mm Cutting Height | Mow up to 1800m²| 57% Slope | Smart App

TapFresh: Turn Air into Pure Drinking Water

Air-to-Water | 3-Level Air Purification | 3-Level Water Sterilization | 20L Per Day |Warm & Cold Water | Eco-friendly|Smart Touch Panel

Botslab M20: World's First Quad-Mopping Pads Robot

Auto Mop Self-Cleaning&Air Drying | 200/Min Spins | Smart Mapping | Alexa&Google Assistant

Lenercom 4 In 1: The Most Functional Power Station

4 In 1 Design |Power Station|Wireless Pump|Jump Starter|LED Flash Light| Portable Packing

Air.0 | The Foldable Bluetooth Computer Mouse

Foldable Full-size Mouse | Only 4.5mm thin | Weighs 40g | Extremely Portable | Truly Ergonomic | Snaps to activate | Patented

FDL Editions: Luxury Sunglasses in Titanium & Diamond

Gorgeous, luxury sunglasses, developed by a professional, award-winning photographer and jewelry designer, with a real diamond.